Emergency Information


In life-threatening situations, always call 000.

Local Disaster Management Group

The Etheridge Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) consists of key agencies consisting of local and state agencies including emergency service organisation, that are responsible for the planning stages of disaster management, as well as making important decisions during a disaster event, to assist the community.  This includes Council, Queensland Police, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, State Emergency Service and Queensland Health. 

Functions of a LDMG are identified within the Disaster Management Act 2003 and include the requirement to develop effective Local Disaster Management Plans encompassing the four aspects of:

  • Prevention
  • Preparation
  • Response 
  • Recovery

The LDMG is the lead authority in preparing for and responding to natural disasters and makes critical decisions including whether to activate cyclone shelters, issue evacuation orders and open the Local Disaster Coordination Centre and reports to the State Government when a natural disaster has been declared. 

Disaster management planning for Etheridge Shire Council is not solely the responsibility of the Council, it is a joint responsibility held by all member agencies of the Etheridge Shire LDMG, and each member agency has a vital role to play in the provision of an appropriate operational response to any event impacting upon the community. Whilst the Etheridge Shire LDMG and relevant emergency services will do all they can to assist the community in times of disaster, it should be remembered that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own safety - individuals need to be aware of the hazards that could affect their community and disaster management arrangements, which include the Etheridge Shire Disaster Management Plan, that are in place to deal with them.

Local Disaster Coordination Centre

During significant disaster and emergency events, and depending on circumstances, the Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) MAY be activated.  Should this be the case, notification will be provided through the media and our Customer Service Staff. 

If the LDCC is activated, the emergency contacts AFTER a significant disaster and emergency event are:

Allan Parry, INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES OPERATIONS MANAGER - 07 4079 9010 or 4018 621 235

Ken Timms, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER - 07 4079 9005 or 0439 414 771

Barry Hughes, MAYOR (Chair of LDMG) - 0458 621 233

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Preparing for a Disaster 

Learn how you can Get Ready for an emergency situation or a disaster. 

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