Get Ready Queensland

Get Ready Queensland

The Get Ready Queensland program is a year round, all hazards, resilience building initiative coordinated by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) to help communities prepare for natural disasters. 

3 Steps to Get Ready 

Step 1: Prepare a household emergency plan
get ready step 1
Step 2: Pack an emergency kit

get ready step 2

Step 3: Make sure your covered

get ready step 3

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Get Ready North West Queensland

An initiative of North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC). Get Ready NWQ is about helping our local communitieis, local businesses and travellers Get Ready. 

Your "What-If" plan protects you, your community and the things you care about.

Hear from the Locals


Disaster Management Plan

The Etheridge Shire Local Disaster Management Plan has been prepared by the Local Disaster Management Group in accordance with the Disaster Management Act 2003 to ensure the effective coordination of resources necessary to counter the effect of disasters within the Shire of Etheridge.

Local Disaster Management Plan Local Disaster Management Group