Economic Development

Council's goal is to acheive a strong, diversified and sustainable regional economy that supports the growth of new and existing industry and business activities while providing long term employment opportunities. 

Etheridge Shire Council's economic development portfolio extends beyond roads, rubbish and rates.

Council maintains strategic and sustainable investment to build community capacity, encourage participation, and develop vibrant, engaged and resilient economic and tourism opportnuities to our region for the local community. 

A number of our projects are detailed below. 

Business Launchpad

Currently, if you're thinking of opening a café and wanted to prepare fresh food on-site, sell alcohol with meals, provide background music and alfresco dining, and have a new sign on the footpath, you'll need licences from multiple agencies across all 3 levels of government. Keeping track of everything you need can be time-consuming.

Now with the Business Launchpad, just answer 2 quick questionnaires and let the tool do the discovery work for you...