2024 Local Government Election

2024 Quadrennial Local Government Election: Saturday, 16th March 2024

So you want to be a Councillor? Below are a range of resources to assist you throughout the 2024 Local Government Election.

So You Want To Be A Councillor

So You Want To Be A Councillor FAQs

Online Training

If you would like to run for Mayor or Councillor at the 2024 Quadrennial Election, you must complete the So You Want To Be A Councillor Course within six months of the nomination period commencing, regardless of whether you are a sitting mayor or councillor, or whether you have never been elected before.

Candidates must declare successful completion of the training on the official nomination form. It is recommended that candidates keep a copy of the mandatory training certificate, which is received upon completion. 

Information Sessions

To support cadidates with the training, the Department have prepared the following schedule where infomation workshops will be delivered within Etheridge Shire and surrounding areas. Etheridge Shire candidates can also attend the information sessions throughout the region. 

Local Governments Delivery Dates
Cairns 9th November 2023 (Evening Session 6 - 8.30pm
27th November 2023 (Evening Session 6 - 8.30pm)
21st December 2023 (Eening Session 6 - 8.30pm)
24th January 2024 (Evening Session 6 - 8.30pm)
Etheridge 29th January 2024 (Evening Session 6 - 8.30pm)
30th January 2024 (Morning Session 9 - 11.30am)
Croydon 30th January 2024 (Evening Session 6 - 8.30pm)
31st January 2024 (Morning Session 10 - 12.30pm)
Tablelands 29th November 2023 (Afternoon Session 12 - 2.30pm)
19th January 2024 (Afternoon Session 1 -3.30pm)
19th January 2024 (Evening Session 6 - 8.30pm)