Water Supply

Water Supply

Council is a Water Service Provider under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. 

Declared Water Service Areas 

As a water service provider we must declare a service area such that any property owner within that declared area can reasonably expect to be able to connect to the service. See our declared service areas

Water Supply Services Customer Service Standards

As a water service provider we must extablish and promote customer service standards for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the Act (2008). See our customer service standards here.  

Water Meters 

A water meter is installed as part of a new water service connection and will remain the property of Etheridge Shire Council. The meter is used as the basis of the consumption component of your water charges. 

Your water meter is usually at the front of your property, on the far left or far right. If you are having trouble finding it, please contact us.