Rates notices are issued from Council on an annual basis and water charges are issued twice a year; once on your rates notice and the other separately in January.  If you have any questions regarding rates and water charges please contact the Rates Officer through the Council Office on 07 4079 9090.


Etheridge Shire Council has BPAY, EFTPOS and Credit Card as methods of paying your rates or Debtors invoices.  BPAY payments can be made from your cheque, savings, or credit account, using either the telephone or the internet (depending on your financial institution). You must use the Biller Code and your Customer Reference Number, which are located in the bottom right-hand corner of your rate notice.

When making BPAY payments it is important to check with your financial institution the date the payment will actually be credited to Council’s bank account. Some institutions will process the payments overnight so the payment will not be received until the next day. Council will only allow discounts in relation to monies received ON OR BEFORE 5pm ON THE LAST DAY OF THE DISCOUNT PERIOD. Monies which are not credited to Council’s account until after that time will NOT receive the discount even though the payment was requested on the last day of discount.

Please note that you may still pay by cash, cheque or money order either in person at the Council Office, St George Street, Georgetown or by mail. Please remember that you will not be allowed the discount unless it is received by the discount date.

The timeframe for payment:

In accordance with the provisions of Section 118 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the rates and charges levied by council must be paid within thirty (30) clear days after the notice is issued.

Bank Account details are:

Account Name Etheridge Shire Council

BSB: 633 000 

Account Number: 128 914 769 

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