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What is an Operational Plan and why do we need it?

The Local Government Regulation 2012 requires councils to adopt an annual Operational Plan each financial year, which needs to be consistent with the annual budget and state how the local government will
       (i) Progress the implementation of the 5 year corporate plan during the period of the
            annual operational plan; and
       (ii) Manage operational risks.
The 2016/2017 Operational Plan is a strategic planning document which supports the 2010/2015 (extended 2017) Corporate Plan in delivering the vision for the Etheridge Shire.


"a balanced community with robust economic and environmental assets which supports our youth and the well-being of our citizens"

The Operational Plan identifies projects, initiatives and services that Council will deliver during this financial year toward achieving the long long-term initiatives of the 2010-2015 Corporate Plan (extended 2017).  It also provides direction to Council in setting the annual budget.
The Operational Plan will be reviewed quarterly by Council and used as a tool for Council and senior management to evaluate corporate performance and strategic direction.