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Researchers Find a Chunk of North America Stuck to Australia

When an ancient supercontinent broke apart the Queensland peninsula may have gotten left behind...  Georgetown and Canada may not be that far apart after all.

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ABC Radio's IntervieW with Geologist Angus Robinson 

Meteorite found in QLD Gulf tells secret from 4 Billion Years Ago

Check out this spectacular article on the 15 kilogram meteorite found outside Georgetown recently. A fascinating piece of history that will assist in scientists furthering their understanding of the creation of the Solar System.

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Australia Day 2017

The Australia Day Celebrations this year were made extra special by a Citizenship Ceremony and the recognition of Exceptional Community Members with Australia Day Awards.

Congratulations Jim, Sam & Elena (right) on becoming Australian Citizens!! We're excited to be able to celebrate this momentous occasion with you and enjoy having you as part of our community.

Well done also to the following awards recipients:

Cherie Tansey - Senior Citizen of the Year
Brodee Ryan - Junior Citizen of the Year
Logan Bethel - Senior Sports Person of the Year
Maria Wilson - Junior Sports Person of the Year
Eric Tan - Mayoral Award
Georgetown All Sports Association - Community Event/Organisation of the Year
Georgetown Golf Club - Community Event/Organisation of the Year

You are all incredibly deserving and we're excessively proud of all your individual and collective achievements!

Tasman Bain, Australia Day Ambassador gave a memorable speech and reminded us all of what it meant to be Australian as well as inspiring us to put in the 'hard yakka' and contribute to the world in the best way we know how. If you would like to know more about Tasman's NGO, Meri Toksave (meaning information for women) you can visit

From everyone who attended and from Council - Thank you Mt Surprise Community for doing such a fine job hosting the celebrations!