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Etheridge Shire Council’s 2017/18 Budget was adopted by Council at the General Meeting dated 21st June 2017.

Mayor Warren Devlin stated…. “That Council has been aware that the Etheridge Community has been doing it tough over the past 12-18 months and there has been a noticeable impact on our rural and commercial sector throughout the Shire and this has had a flow on effect and impact on Council as well.”

This year’s Budget will address ways of stimulating the local economy through a range of capital infrastructure projects (predominately in Road works).  Council will be continuing the upgrade to the Georgetown-Forsayth Road ($2.6M), widening works on the Kennedy Highway ($3.32M), the commencement of works on the Hann Highway ($6.0M) plus continuing the restoration works under the 2015 NDRRA event ($8.011M).

In addition to the above, Council will be commencing the construction of the Charleston Dam (April 2018).

Council will be commencing the planning and feasibility for the Gilbert River Irrigation Area, undertake planning and designs for street scaping our townships, re-writing Council’s Planning Scheme (due to legislative requirements) plus embarking on a new Corporate Plan (Councils key visionary document / roadmap for the next 5 years).

The 2017|2018 Budget reveals Revenue from Ordinary Activities amounting to $30,035,167, total Expenses from Ordinary Activities (including depreciation) amounting to $29,850,825 and Capital Expenditure of $11,304,358 which makes the 2017|2018 Budget $41,155,182 in total.

Council looks forward to delivering on a $41.1 million budget in 2017/18 and is keen to keep driving the local economy through the responsible delivery of capital projects and a focused approach to the long-term planning and sustainability of our communities while maintaining the Shire’s livability.

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