Disaster Management

Get Ready Queensland


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Having an emergency plan is an important step to prepare for, survive and cope with emergency situations.  Below are valuable fact sheets from the Get Ready Queensland Campaign to assist you in preparing your household and business for emergency situations. 
  1. Prepare your emergency plan & Emergency Plan Template
  2. Prepare for evacuation
  3. Prepare your emergency kit
  4. Prepare your home
  5. Tune into warnings
  6. Check your neighbours
  7. Pet emergency plan
  8. Prepare your car
  9. Prepare your business

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Disaster Management Plan

The Etheridge Shire Local Disaster Management Plan has been prepared by the Local Disaster Management Group in accordance with the Disaster Management Act 2003 to ensure the effective coordination of resources necessary to counter the effect of disasters within the Shire of Etheridge.

  Disaster Management Plan  Disaster Management Plan - Appendix A