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Gilbert River Agricultural Forum

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About the Event

Through hosting the Gilbert River Agricultural Forum this April, Etheridge Shire Council is extending an invitation to all stakeholders and interested parties to take a fresh look at the region's agricultural potential.  The main objective of the Forum is to explore the individual and collective economic benefits of agricultural diversification, specifically in relation to grazing, horticulture and cropping in the Gilbert River Catchment.  Council supports the benefits of diversification and the capacity to strengthen and diversify the Etheridge Shire economy as part of a nation building project in Northern Australia.

In May 2020, consulting firm Jacobs delivered a detailed business case for the Gilbert River Irrigation Project to Council that identified promising opportunities for a large scale irrigation project.  This, along with updates regarding the dryland cropping avenues that are already proving lucrative will be presented at the Forum.

The focus of the Forum is to present primary producers and key stakeholder with information around the opportunites for economic diversification.  Council recognises that the grazing industry is the backbone of our region, and the introduction of a horticulture and rotational cropping industry in conjucnction with additional water allocations will ensure the long term expanded future of the Shire.  There are some local challenges and it is Council's utmost belief that the decisions made by our primary producers regarding the opportunities presented to them at this Forum will shape the trajectory of our region's economy for future generations. 

Forum Venue

Etheridge Shire Hall, 43 Saint George St, Georgetown QLD

Forum and Field Day Programme

Coming soon. 

Accommodation Options

Provider Town Contact Details
Midway Cafe & Caravan Park Georgetown

P: 07 4062 1219  Link to website 

Wenaru Hotel Georgetown

P: 07 4062 1208  Link to website

Goldfield's Caravan Park Georgetown

P: 07 4062 1269  Link to website

Latara Resort Motel Georgetown

P: 07 4062 1190  Link to website

Finnigan's Rest Forsayth

P: 07 4062 5374  Link to website

Bedrock Village Mt Surprise

P: 07 4062 3193  Link to website

Mt Surprise Tourist Park Mt Surprise

P: 1800 447 982  Link to website

Contact Us

For logistical matters, including event registration, arrangements to address the forum or sponsor the event, please contact Rebekah Haase, Community Development and Events Officer. 

Phone 07 4079 9002 or Email Rebekah