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Cosmological is a 45-minute performance featuring Galileo Galilei who banters with guest characters from across the ages. The theatre infrastructure comes in a light truck, and is completely self-contained. Included with each show is a set of large computer telescopes that the audience can look through at the end of the show. Each telescope will be aimed at a specific planet, star or constellation visible at that time of year. We encourage communities to use the show to host fundraiser BBQ's or dinners for community groups, sporting clubs etc. If not the audience is welcome to bring a picnic. BYO chairs and picnic blankets.


3:30-4:30pm at the venue. Workshop to teach children and community members the song and choreography to take part as chorus members in the opening and closing of the show. For ages 6+ to Adult. Great to do with the family.


This year Full Throttle Theatre celebrates 35 years producing theatre and training actors in North Queensland. The company has a professional touring program, community theatre and training program and Props Youth Theatre for ages 12-17. FTTC is the only regional theatre company in NQ that tours, trains, and produces new and established works. Full Throttle has teamed up with NQ Starshine to bring Science based edu-tainment to Queensland regional and rural towns.




Mt Surprise:

Date: 22nd October 2021 - 24th October 2021 Every day

Location: Various locations

Cost: FREE

Time: 19:00 - 20:30