Major Contracts Over $200,000

Major Contracts Over $200,000

1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021

In compliance with Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council is obliged to publish details of all contracts valued $200,000 or more. These details must be published on Councils website. Information to be documented in these publications includes the following:

  • The person/company with whom Council has entered into the contract
  • The value of the contract
  • The purpose of the contract
Contractor Name Purpose of Contract Amount
B&A Contractors Pty Ltd Wet Plant Hire $ 377,092.73
Richardson Building Services Design and Construct Multi-Purpose Sports Centre & Design and Construct Tender - Upgrade to the Visitor Information Centre (TerrEstrial Centre) in Low Street, Georgetown $ 1,006,279.42
Bolwarra Enterprises Pty Ltd Wet Plant Hire $ 947,684.27
Cheshire Contractors Wet Plant Hire $ 417,257.27
David John Fitzgerald Wet Plant Hire & Town Maintenance Contract $ 640,031.00
Gerald A Fitzgerald Wet Plant Hire $ 235,127.73
FR Ireland Pty Ltd Supply & Trade of Plant $ 236,482.46
GHD Pty Ltd Charleston Dam $ 514,872.74
LDI Constructions QLD Pty Ltd Charleston Dam $ 3,575,257.11
LDI Constructions QLD Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) Charleston Dam $ 384,336.81
Marano Enterprises (Miallo) Pty Ltd Supply and Delivery of Diesel Fuel $ 411,062.15
NCH Civil and Construction Labour Hire $ 256,798.16
Reedy's Earthmoving & Haulage Wet Plant Hire $ 380,799.55
RGM Maintenance Pty Ltd Supply & Teade of Plant $ 267,122.68
RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd (Townsville) Bitumen Reseals $ 769,214.88
Shepherd Services Pty Ltd Asset Valuation & Data Collection $ 587,325.25
Stabilised Pavements of Australia Hann Highway Upgrade $ 347,133.32
TNT Plant Hire Wet Plant Hire $ 354,000.00
Trazlbat Pty Ltd Charleston Dam  $ 359,023.91
Tricky's Trax Pty Ltd Wet Plant Hire $ 295,315.00
Tutt Bryant Hire Pty Ltd Dry Plant Hire $ 246,474.45
R & JM Zahner Wet Plant Hire $ 1,427,311.41
Zarmac Truckin' Wet Plant Hire $ 374,868.00