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Tender ESC2017-003 - Georgetown & Forsayth Water Supply Infrastructure

Tender No: ESC2017 - 013


The Etheridge Shire Council invites Tenders for the following elements:

Part A - Construction of an Earth & Rock Dam and Cut Rock Spillway

Part B - Construction of a Natural Rock Fishway Ladder

Part C - Design & Construction of Water Supply Pipelines & Associated Equipment


The Dam site is located 6km’s north of the Forsayth Township and Council is seeking experienced contractors to undertake the construction of the above elements. Tenderers can provide a written tender response for one of the above elements or provide a written tender response for all of the above elements. (Costings need to be broken up as per the above elements). Specification details for the above elements are contained in Part 2 of the Request for Tender documents (contact David Munro).

Head over to the 'Tenders' page on the website to see the advertisement for further details.


For more information please contact David Munro, Director Corporate & Community Services on 4079 9007.