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In Your own Vehicle

The Etheridge Shire is your half way stop between Cairns and Karumba.  Follow the Savannah Way when travelling east from Karumba or west from Cairns.  As road conditions can vary during the 'wet season' (generally from December to April) please check the current road conditions before you leave.

Trans North Bus Service

Mt Surprise and Georgetown are serviced by three return trips a week by Trans North Bus service.  This service links Cairns on the East Coast to Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria.  This service also links the Savannahlander rail service to allow travellers to explore our region more thoroughly. 

Please visit the Trans North Bus Service website for timetables, ticket sales and departure points or phone (07) 40 958 644.

By Air

Georgetown and Mt Surprise both have sealed airstrips.  Einasleigh has a gravel strip.  There are no flights to and from these airfields though if you have your own aircraft permission to utilise these strips can be obtained from the Etheridge Shire Council on (07) 4062 1233 or email info@etheridge.qld.gov.au

Airstrip Information
Georgetown Airstrip

•  Latitude 18°17'S
•  Longitude 143°33'E
•  Elevation 995 ft
•  Runway Bearing 224° 17 minutes 25 seconds
•  Length 1158 m
•  Strip width 18 (bitumen)

Mt Surprise Airstrip
•  Latitude 18° 10'S
•  Longitude 144° 17'E
•  Elevation 1300 ft
•  Runway Bearing 222° 31 minutes 50 seconds
•  Sealed and Linemarked 1150 m
•  Strip width 15m

Einasleigh Airstrip
•  Latitude 18° 32'S
•  Longitude 144° 05'E
•  Elevation 1485 ft
•  Runway Bearing 351° 55 minutes 34 seconds
•  Length 1200 m · Strip width 15 m (gravel)

Forsayth Airstrip

  • Latitude S 18° 35.2
  • Longitude E 143°  33.97
  • Elevation 1390 ft
  • Runway Bearing N/A
  • Length 1200 metres
  • Width 18 metres
  • Surface Sealed

Runway has dip in the middle, solar lighting.

Forsayth Hotel UHF 3 Duplex