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Tender ESC2018-008 Reference Documents Tender ESC2018-008 Reference Documents

Building Queensland

Benefits - Management Framework 1

Business Case Development Framework Overview

Cost Benefit Analysis Guide

Detailed Business Case 2.1

Investment Logic Mapping Guide

Preliminary Business Case v2.1

Prioritisation Framework Updated

Social Impact Evaluation v2.1

Strategic Business Case 2.1

Complimentary Development

Industrial Area Submission

Georgetown Industrial Masterplan


CSIRO - Key Findings

List of previous CSIRO studies in the Flinders & Gilbert Catchments

CSIRO - Assessment of surface water storage options Report


CSIRO Agricultural Resource Assessment for the Gilbert Catchment 

CSIRO Mitchell Catchment Report

CSIRO Assessing the water needs of Fisheries & Ecological Values in the Gulf

Technical Reports

Agricultural productivity Flinders & Gilbert

Climate Data

FGARA Technical Report - Design Flood Hydrology

FGARA Technical Report - Waterhole Ecology

Floodplain Inundation Mapping & Modelling

Geophysics - areial survey

Indigenous Water Values

Instream Waterholes

Irrigation Costs & Benefits

Land Suitability

River System Modelling 


Socio - Economics

Surface Water Storage Options

Surface Water - Ground Water Connectivity

Water Quality 7 Fish Refugia Riverine Water Holes in Northern Queensland

Cultural Heritage

CHMP Guidelines

QLD NTDA Schedule

QLD Tagalaka


Ewamian Notification of a Change to Corporation Officer Details (1)

Ewamian Notification of a Change to Corporation Officer Details (3)

Etheridge Shire Council Letter of Support


QLD Tagalaka

Tagalaka Member List

Tagalaka Notification of a Change to Corporation Officer Details

Digital Elevation Model Scope Digital Elevation Model Scope

GRAP Project Proposal V2

GRAP proposal green hills 3km buffer green hills inundation

GRAP Proposal MGA54.dbf

GRAP Proposal MGA54.prj

GRAP Proposal MGA54.shp

GRAP Proposal MGA54.shx

Green Hills 3km Buffer MGA54.dbf

Green Hills 3km Buffer MGA54.prj

Green Hills 3km Buffer MGA54.shp

Green Hills 3km Buffer MGA54.shx

Green Hills Inundation MGA54.dbf

Green Hills Inundation MGA54.prj

Green Hills Inundation MGA54.shp

Green Hills Inundation MGA54.shx


2013 Northern Beef Report

Agricultural Processing & the Western Australia Economy

Cummings Economic Report

Deloitte Economics Qld Business Outlook

Deloitte QLD Business Outlook Feb 18

Deloitte AU Economics QLD Business Outlook Silver Lining

Food Bowl or Folly, The Economics of Irrigating Northern Australia

Gilbert River Irrigation Costs & Benefits

Gilbert River Scoping Study June 09 - small

NA Food Fibre Supply Chain PROJECT REPORT

Ord River Irrigation Scheme Charting a Course for Economic Success

Potential Cropping Report - Gilbert River

WWF Irrigation Infrastructure Whitepaper

Farm Economics

500ha Cotton Case Study - March 2010

Avocado wfb mdia

Banana Cavendish gm nq

Banana Cavendish t 2016

Banana Lady Finger wfb nq

Crop Options & Seasonality 2016

Gilbert DCF Scheme Break Even - Athertonplus

Gilbert River Cropping Project Submission copy

Mango gm nq

Sesame Irrigated Summer Crop

Marsden Jacobs Preliminary Assessment

GRIS Preliminary Findings 27-03-2017


EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Etheridge

EPBC Act Protected Matters Report NGNRM

Gilbert River Irrigation Project Preliminiary Business Case Environmental Values Romy Geiner


Federal Frameworks - Guidelines

IA Northern Australia Audit

Infrastructure Priority List 171130

NAIF Investment Proposal Format Guide

NAIF Factsheet March 2017

NAIF Genex Release 12 July 2017

NWILF Capital Guidelines

NWILF Application Form

NWILF Investment Guidelines

Gulf Savannah Development

Final GSD Gilbert River Demand Feedback Dec09

Gilbert River Investment Report 2009 original

GSD Gilbert River Investment Report 2014

Infrastructure Design & Costings

DNR Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment of Dam & Weir Sites on Bundock Creek & Gilbert River


Cost Estimate Aug 2010

Costing Green Hills

Proposed dam

G R Sand Investigation Appendix 1 Map

Gilbert River Bed Sand Investigation

Gilbert river Exploratory Drilling

ESC draft working documents INUNDATION AREA

01 03 2011 - 0988

01 03 2011 - 0989

ESC Earth Dam Proposal Quantities

Gilbert River Dam - ESC Estimate - Earth - March 2011

Gilbert River Dam - ESC Estimate - RCC- March 2011

Gilbert River Dam - PG Estimate - March 2011

Gilbert River Dam - PG Estimate - Nov 2010

Initial X-sect Survey Calcs

Water volume Calcs - ESC proposal 8300ha

Gilbert River Inundation 333p6 RE

Gilbert River Inundation 333p6 VMS

Gilbert River Inundation 338p6 RE

Gilbert River Inundation 338p6 VMS


Northern Gulf NRM Region Land Use Summary 1999-2015

Land Suitability

FGARA Factsheet Assessing the suitability of land for irrigation

GIL Draft AnnHortSpray cropsuit

GIL Draft AnnHorttrickle cropsuit

GIL Draft Cereal cropsuit

Gil Draft Forage cropsuit

GIL Draft Industrial cropsuit

GIL Draft Pulse cropsuit

GIL Draft Root cropsuit

GIL Draft Tree cropsuit


QLD Legislation QLD Legislation


Guidelines Land Suitability

Qld Guidelines Land Suitability

Land Tenure

Conversion leasehold Tenure

Guidelines Land suitability v2 1 July 2017

Land Tenure Qld

State Land Form - la01

Veg Management

Guide using fodder code

Landholders guide to veg clearing codes

new veg management laws guide

State Policy Vegetation Management


Development Plan Template 

Guidelines Applying Clear High Value v2 1 July 2017

Vegetation Clearing exemptions

Queensland Treasury Corp

01 Overview for local government leaders_low res

02 Project Decision Framework User Guide_low res

03  Draft Council Policy

04 Terms of Reference for Decision making group

05 Guiding Principles for Decision Group

06 Concept approval brief template

07 Options Analysis template

08 Business Case template

09 Project Plan template

10A Whole-of-Life Costing Tool v1.1

10B WOLC Quick Reference Guide

10C WOLC User Guide

11A Project Risk Assessment Tool

11B Project Risk Assessment Tool user guide.docx

12A Project_Portfolio_Tool

12B Project Portfolio Tool Userguide

13 Quick Reference Card


2017 Yearbook-Progress in Australian Regions

Cummings Unemployment Cairns Region

Emerald Irrigation Area benefits




Burdekin Irrigation water pricing





P462 MDB briefing note flows at Menindee FINAL.1


WWF Irrigation Infrastructure Whitepaper




QLD Water Regulation 2016

Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008

Water Flow-Yield


Rockfields Gauging Station

Rockfields Gauging Station Flow Data

Water Monitoring Stations

Water Policy & Legislation

Gulf Review final

Gulf Water Plan 2007

gulf water resource plan consultation-report-august-2015





gulf-rop-wrp-explanatory-notes 2015



Productivity Commission water-reform-draft


Water Pricing




Water Releases