Etheridge Shire Council's Community Plan Etheridge Shire Council's Community Plan

Community Plan

Council has an obligation to provide a sustainable future for the community it represents.

Even though there is a legislative requirement under section 102 (4) of the Local Government Act 2009, it is nevertheless good business practice to have a vision of where the Community wants to be in ten to fifteen years time.

A Community plan simply sets out the dreams and aspirations of a community and how it sees itself in the future.  It acknowledges the input of all the individuals in a community through an engagement process and seeks to encompass all aspects of those community desires in a plan that will influence all other activities of Council.  It is a dynamic document that needs to be constantly reviewed as our community changes.

This is a visionary document that encompasses most of our needs and desires over the coming ten years.  It is not about the detail or the ‘nuts and bolts’ of putting a project together but rather a representation of your views on how you see our community in ten years time.  

The Council has consulted with the communities of Etheridge Shire through the engagement of a third party organisation who met with and surveyed people throughout the Shire.  The issues raised through that consultation process have been assessed and consolidated within this Community Plan ensuring linkages with the existing Corporate Plan.  Not all suggestions can be accommodated within the plan due to financial or practical constraints.  However, the legislation has incorporated the ability for Council to review the Plan at any time during its ten year life.

The Draft Community Plan is attached for your review and Council sincerely appreciates any additional comments or feedback regarding this plan.

Please provide you feedback to:

The Chief Executive Officer     
Etheridge Shire Council
Po Box 12
Georgetown Qld 4871