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Community Consultation Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at various locations around Etheridge on a rotational basis.  These meetings begin between 9:00am and10:30am depending on location and generally go for one to two hours.  All members of the public are welcome to attend and encouraged to bring forth any items that you would like your Councillors to address.  Council publishes its known meeting dates and locations ahead of time below. 

2018 Community Consultation Meetings

Date Location time minutes
7th February Georgetown 9.00am Open Here
7th March Forsayth 9.00am Open Here
4th April Einasleigh 9.00am  
2nd May Mt Surprise 9.00am  
6th June Oak Park 10.30am Cancelled
4th July Georgetown 9.00am Open Here
1st August The Lynd 10.30am Open Here
5th September Forsayth 9.00am  
3rd October Einasleigh 9.00am  
7th November Oak Park 10.30am  
5th December Mt Surprise 9.30am  


2017 Community Consultation Meetings

date location minutes
1st February Georgetown Open Here
1st March Forsayth Open Here
5th April Einasleigh Open Here
3rd May Oak Park Open Here
7th June Mt Surprise Open Here
5th July  Lynd Junction Open Here
2nd August Georgetown Open Here
6th September Forsayth Open Here
4th October Einasleigh Open Here
1st November Oak Park Open Here
6th December Mt Surprise Open Here


2016 Community Consultation Meetings

4th May Mt Surprise Open Here
1st June Einasleigh Open Here
6th July Forsayth Open Here
3rd August Oak Park Open Here
7th September Georgetown Open Here
6th October Mt Surprise Open Here
2nd November Einasleigh Open Here
7th December Forsayth Open Here